[Akagi] Sof' (Vanilla and Melon Ice Cream)

(Sofu Furano Meron & Hokkaido Miruku Banira | Furano Melon & Hokkaido Milk Vanilla)

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It's still only April, but the weather is starting to heat up! Well, for me at least. Let's have some ice cream! Today we have some more ice cream cups. Like last time, we have vanilla again, but this time we also have melon!

As to be expected, these treats advertises that they uses Hokkaido dairy. The vanilla one even boasts using 100% Hokkaido dairy product. Actually dairy is quite central to the vanilla flavour. It also advertises that it uses fresh cream and fermented butter. Naturally, this one has enough milk fat content to be classified as "ice cream."

On the other hand, the melon flavour is technically "ice milk." The package says it uses 6% fruit juice, which is 20% up from before! ...Only the first number really matters though, right? One thing that I learned through this product is the existence of Furano Melon! Believe it or not, Furano is a city in Hokkaido. I was surprised because I always associate melons with hotter climates but I think of Hokkaido as a cooler region. Apparently, Furano Melon from the brand Akaniku is quite the big deal.

I'm pretty excited to try these out, especially the melon one. Without further ado, let's jump in!



107 JPY (1 cup)


I've mentioned it plenty of times before, but I usually don't like vanilla ice cream. But this really good! It has a strong vanilla taste. It's just sweet enough. It's also creamy like whipped cream. Maybe I've only had subpar vanilla in Canada?

As for the melon flavour, it's spot on. It tastes like biting into a cantaloupe. It doesn't have any weird artificial taste to it either. It's still ice cream, so it tastes like a sweet melon, but I would say it's less sweet than the vanilla.


It's smooth. It's like if whipped cream was colder and more solid. It's not grainy at all. Of course, being a stored frozen food, it's not quite soft serve consistency, but it's fairly similar. It's pretty soft, so you can scoop and eat it easily.


There's a very faint melon/vanilla smell.


These are really good! Yes, the flavours are simple, but that's what they set out to be. The flavours are nice and rich, so you'll satisfy whatever you're craving. Yue and I split each one, but we still had the equivalent of 1 full cup. And it was very filling without being too sweet or sugary. Even if you don't like sweets, this is a pleasant treat. It's also soft and comes in a cup, so it's very easy to grab and eat.

Would I try again?

Absolutely! I'm curious to try other flavours in the series.

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