[Bandai]シールDeおきがえ すみっコ チョコスナック2 (Sumikko Gurashi Sticker Choco)

(Shiiru De Okigae Sumikko Choko Sunakku 2 | Changing Via Sticker Sumikko Choco Snack 2)

General Description

It's Sumikko Gurashi from San-X! When you think of cute characters from Japan, you probably think of Sanrio's Hello Kitty and friends. While Sumikko Gurashi doesn't have the same reach outside of Japan as Sanrio's characters do, you've probably seen these little fellas before. In Japan, you'll see them quite often - they have their own snacks, writing goods, plushies, and even movies and games! As you might have guessed, I am one of their fans.

The name "Sumikko Gurashi" has a fun double meaning. Sumi /sumikko means "corner" and kurashi means "life" or "livelihood." So Summiko Gurashi roughly translates to "life/living in the corner." However "ko" can be used to say "person" or "individual," often used with a descriptor. So the characters are also called "Sumikko" because they love being in a corner!

Today we have a first for our site - a brand's official snack. These kinds of snacks are very popular; you'll see snacks and sometimes drinks with character lines, games, and anime. These usually come in 2 varieties: character-shaped snacks and, what we have with us today, a regular snack with a goodie attached to it.

This one comes with a random sticker sheet (out of 12 for this set). This pack is "2," meaning this is the second set, so if you want to collect them all, you'll have to hurry before they're rotated out. You can "change" the characters' outfits by putting the clothing and accessory stickers on top of the character ones. As you can see, there's actually not that much snack, but that's not the main point. However, is the snack even good?

Let's jump in and find out!



64 JPY (15g pack x1)


It's a standard chocolate covered puffed corn snack. It's chocolaty and sweet. There is a slight grainy taste to it, but it doesn't taste like corn.

There's not much to say except it isn't bad. It isn't bland or "artificial" tasting.


It's airy and crispy. The chocolate coating gives it a smooth shell.


There's no strong smell.


I might be biased, but I love buying these. Yes, it hardly contains anything, but it's enough for one satisfyingly sweet chocolate snack. And I get cute stickers! It's cheap enough that I don't mind buying it. If you're a fan of Sumikko Gurashi, this is a fun treat.

Would I try again?

Absolutely! I wonder which stickers I'll get next...

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