[Glico] Sunao アーモンド&バニラ クリームサンド (Cream Biscuit)

(Aamondo & Banira Kuriimu Sando | Almond & Vanilla Cream Sandwich)

General Description

I don't think I need to introduce today's company. It's Glico! You probably have seen their name at least once before. If you've ever had Pocky before, that's them. They have many different goods, but they are mostly known for their chocolates and other snacks.

Today's treat is from their "healthy" Sunao line of goods. "Sunao" can be translated as "honest," so their tagline can be understood as "be honest with your hunger." The Sunao line is made with the idea of "supporting a lifestyle of an appropriate amount of sugar/carbs," created by considering the sugar/carb content, taste of the ingredients, and fiber. Each product has the sugar/carb amount on the box. So in this way, the product is "honest" with its content too!

I like my treats strong tasting and sweet to be honest. Will this be a satisfying snack? Let's jump in and find out!



258 JPY (6 sandwich cookies)


The cream is like the cream in an Oreo cookie but not as sweet. It has a slight vanilla and almond taste. The biscuit tastes like a light butter biscuit but also with an almond taste. I find that sometimes almonds can taste like cherries, but this has a much more earthy taste. If you've ever had crushed almonds, that's what this tastes like.


The biscuit is very crumbly. When you bite into it, it breaks apart in your mouth into a grainy texture. I really like it. The cream is soft.


There's a sweet almond smell.


I quite like this one. First of all, the texture is really nice. I like how the biscuit almost crumbles to dust. It's also tasty in a mild, adult way. Even if you don't like sweets, you can enjoy this snack. I think it'll pair nicely with a hot drink. It is a bit pricey though.

Would I try again?

Hmm...I do like it, but it's not a snack I would buy regularly. Just as a every treat now and then.

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