[Meiji] 果汁 グミ (Fruit Juice Gummy)

(Kajuu Gumi | Fruit Juice Gummy)

General Description

Today I'm excited to introduce you to one my favourite gummies! Gummies are a pretty common snack. There are a lot of varieties to choose from, differing in flavour, texture, and shape!
Meiji makes a lot of food products, particularly dairy products. But I associate them with snacks cause that's where I see their logo the most. Their name will surely pop up many times on this blog.
These gummies are 2 limited time flavours in Meiji's "Fruit Juice Gummy" series. I believe these flavours go on sale during the summer. Their standard flavours include grape, strawberry, peach, and mandarin. I like them all, but my favourites are cherry and apple!



75 JPY (1 bag, 47~g)


I think I might have low standards cause I only ate cheap gummies back in Canada. These tastes sooooo good. The flavour is so strong but not too sweet. The taste is so accurate to the fruit. It's like they captured the essence of the fruit in the gummy. It doesn't have that weird artificial taste to it.


There's no casing around the gummy, so it's the same consistency all the way through. It's similar to a gummy bear. On the the top right corner of the package, you can see where it scores on the soft-hard scale. Even after it's been opened for a few days, it's still soft.


You can smell the sweet fruit scent as soon as you open the bag.


What can I say, it's one of my favourites. This is something you eat when you want a few sweet bites of something. From the great taste to the soft texture, it's such a satisfying snack. The fruit shapes are also really cute! I think it's also a bit cheaper than other gummies too.

Would I try again?

Of course! I usually pick up one flavour when I go to the snack store. The limited time flavours throughout the year are also fun to try out. I would definitely recommend you try it, even if you aren't big on gummies usually. Pick your favourite fruit flavour and enjoy!

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