[Meiji] ハイレモン (Lemon Candy)

(Hai Remon | Hi-Lemon)

General Description

Today we have a type of snack that we haven't tried before - a candy tablet! It's Hi-Lemon! Yue really likes this snack and recommended it to me.

Is candy the right word for this though? The box is covered in health information. "Grow your body, refresh your mind," recommending you take 6 tablets for your daily dose of vitamin C, reminding you to have a balanced diet (and not just this snack), and so on. It's like vitamins!

I really like the box. It's so small and cute! It might be hard to tell from the picture, but the tablets themselves are pretty big. Like a penny or 10 yen coin. One of the tablets had a little smiley face too! The packaging is a bit excessive though. Did we really need both a wrapper and a case?

Enough dillydallying! Let's jump in!



128 JPY (1 pack of 18 candies)


I fully went into this expecting it to taste like a Rocket (you know those sugary, powdery small candies? At least that's what they're called in Canada), but it's not quite that. The first thing I taste is the Rocket-like powderiness, but it's immediately overtaken by a slightly sweet, mildly sour lemon taste. It tastes like mild lemonade in candy form.


It's like a mix between a Rocket and a vitamin tablet. It's not as powdery as a Rocket but not as solid as a vitamin tablet.


There's no strong smell.


This one is weird. Do I like the flavour? Yeah. Do I think it's a snack? Kinda? It feels more like delicious vitamins. I ate 6 in one sitting. It tasted nice but didn't leave a lasting impression. I think if you want to have a healthy snack or something just to leave a sweet taste in your mouth, this will be great for you. I don't think it's something you absolutely have to try if you visit Japan though.

Would I try again?

I wouldn't personally go out of my way to get it, but Yue likes it, so I'll probably eat a tablet here and there.

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