[Pasco] あらびきチョリソーソーセージ (Chorizo Hotdog)

(Arabiki Chorisoo Sooseegi | Ground Pork Chorizo Sausage)

General Description

We've looked at sandwiches filled with peanut cream, chocolate, and even noodles! It's about time we looked at a more "traditional" sandwich. And hot dogs are sandwiches, right? Technically, the package never calls this food a hotdog, but just look at it! That's totally what it is. What this product advertises itself as is a "pork chorizo sausage with mustard."

This is the first time we had a Pasco product on here. I think it's the first time I really noticed them as a brand too. I've definitely had their products before. Like Yamazaki and Fujipan, they specialize in pan and bread products. They even have a store! Whereas I think of sweet treats when I think of Yamazaki and Fujipan, I associate Pasco more with savoury foods like this.

Without further ado, let's jump in to our first Pasco food!



105 JPY


The bun tastes like a perfectly fine bun. The mustard tastes like dijonn mustard without the kick. It's not spicy at all. The ketchup is regular ketchup. There's less than there looks. The bun isn't actually cut in half. There's a shallow indent in the bun for the sausage and condiments. The chorizo sausage tastes good. The spiciness slowly creeps in but it's enjoyable even for someone like me who can't handle spicy food.
Altogether it's pretty tasty. The sausage is pretty thin, so you get a lot bun with each bite. I think sometimes the condiments get lost in the bun and the spiciness.


The bun is fluffy. The sausage is thin, so it's a bit tougher.


You can smell the spicy chorizo sausage.


It's tasty but it's nothing special. If you have the time and energy, you can make the same thing at home easily. I was also still hungry after I ate it.

Would I try again?

Unless there was nothing else or I reeeeaaaallly wanted to eat a sausage, no.

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  • As the resident hot dog person, this doesn't look that good to me lol. I'm sure it's better than it looks though

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