[Yamazaki] 中身たっぷり四角いパン つぶあん&ホイップ (Red Bean & Whipped Cream Pan)

([Yamazaki] Nakami Tappuri Shikakui Pan Tsubuan & Hoippu | Square Pan with Coarse Sweet Red Bean Paste & Whipped Cream)

General Description

Our first "snack bread" on this site! This kind of sweet snack is very common in Japan, so expect to see a lot more! I'm going to refer to foods like this as "pan" from now own. "Sweet bread" already has its own meaning, and referring to these as "bread" or a "loaf" doesn't feel right.
Anko (red bean paste) is a common filling for pan. You'll also see it often paired with whipped cream. The thicker, hearty anko and the light, sweet whipped cream make a great combo.
This time, we're going to be looking at a pan from Yamazaki. This company makes a lot of bread and other baked goods. You'll see their logo a lot!



100 JPY (1 medium-sized pan)


The whipped cream is sweet and thin. Sometimes I find whipped cream very plain and light, but this one is good. There isn't as much inside as the package image suggests, but it's still a decent amount. The whipped cream deflated a bit in the heat. The package doesn't say to keep it in the fridge, but that might help keep the whipped cream's structure.
The anko is your standard sweet red bean paste.
The bread isn't anything special. The taste and texture are similar to a normal, soft dinner roll.


The whipped cream is pretty light and loose. As usual, the anko contains bits of soft red bean in it. The bread isn't super fluffy or soft, but it's still good. It has a bit of a tear to it.


There isn't a strong smell.


What can I say? Anko and whipped cream is a combo that doesn't miss. I would have liked a little more whipped cream, but then again, I can eat whipped cream straight, so I might be in the minority here. That being said, it's still delicious. The bread to filling ratio is good, so neither is too much.

Would I try again?

I would absolutely buy it if I wanted something cheap and sweet. It's not super fancy and it won't knock your socks off, but it will fill you while satisfying your sweet tooth.

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