[Senjaku] 山形 の さくらんぼ (Cherry Gummy)

(Yamagata No Sakuranbo | Yamagata Cherry)

General Description

We're on a gummy roll! It's Yamagata Cherry! Yamagata is a prefecture in Honshu. It's famous for its cherries - it's actually the biggest producer of cherries in Japan! Apparently there's even a 2 day cherry festival in June! Furthermore, this gummy uses fruit juice from Sato Nishiki cherries. Sato Nishiki cherries are very popular and are sometimes referred to as the "king of cherries."

On to our actual product, this is the first time we've looked at something from Senjaku Candy Land. When I looked them up, it seems they make all sorts of snacks...that I've never really noticed before. I'll have to keep an eye out from now on.

This snack brands itself as a "luxury gummy." Is that why there's so little? Yes, that's all the gummies in the picture above. I guess it's a quality over quantity deal. The package does say that it has a strong fruit juice taste, so there's that. It also advertises that it has a "double chewy" texture. The gummy doesn't look quite the same as it does on the package though...

There's a lot to check out about this gummy, so let's jump in and find out how it is for ourselves!



106 JPY (34g pack x 1)


It's a bit sour. It's enough to catch you off guard the first time, but after that it's pretty tame. It has a mild sweetness to it.

So I often buy acerola juice, and that is what this tastes like. If you don't know what acerola cherries are, well they're apparently not actual cherries but rather cherry-like tropical fruit, sometimes called Barbados cherries or West Indian cherries. Anyway, it tastes like that rather than what I imagine cherries tasting like. Then again, I've never had Sato Nishiki cherries before, so maybe this is accurate to how they taste.

Overall, it's not bad. Since the sweetness and sourness is very subtle, it has a "wild" taste to me, like it's trying to imitate the fruit instead of being a candy. I think it has a very slight artificial taste to it.


The outer casing is a bit chewy, so you have to really bite into it. The inside is much softer, almost gelatin-like. The outside has really small powder around it. It's not coarse but it's makes the outside of the gummy not smooth.


There's an artificial cherry smell when you open the package.


It's fine. I think the taste is pretty interesting. It very much feels like a gummy that adults would enjoy more than kids. If there was just a little bit more in the pack, maybe I would rank it a bit higher. If you're interested in this gummy, you should definitely try it though.

Would I try again?

Maybe? If I'm really craving it, I might. But it's not a snack I would regularly buy.

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