The Butter Drink

(Za Bataa Dorinku | The Butter Drink)

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Yes, you read that correctly.

Now, I've been in Japan for a few years. There are some foods and flavours I'm accustomed to that aren't available here (I miss you chocolate milk) and common foods and flavours that I rarely saw until I moved here (hello black sesame snacks). But this is a first for me.

I let out a audible "eh?!" when I saw it at the convenience store. I knew I had to try it.
And here we are. Everything about the packaging captures my attention. The definite "The" in the name has a strong energy. The lack of brand name is very ominous. It's described as a "dessert drink." I'm both excited and nervous.
Well, bottoms up!



198 JPY (200ml drink)


This is so WILD. I was bracing myself to drink butter. It's nothing like that. It's super sweet. It tastes like a milk or ice cream candy. Not vanilla, not yogurt, just milk flavour. And it's strong. I think "milk" before "butter." If someone gave this to me, I wouldn't have guessed it was a "butter drink." You can kinda taste it if you're looking for it though, especially near the end of each sip.
I think Yue hit the nail on the head when he pointed out it tastes like Milky (a milk candy from Fujiya).


It's very thin, like milk. I was expecting it to be thicker like a shake or yogurt drink. I also thought it'd be more yellow.


There's no strong smell.


I like it??? I'm still hesitant because it's called "The BUTTER Drink" and that just makes me feel so weird. But it's actually pretty good. It's just like drinking a very sweet milky shake, except it's not thick at all.
It's kinda heavy. I drank this after dinner so that might be part of it, but I feel full after drinking just one.

Would I try again?

Yeah?? I'm surprised too. It's in the same price range as other small yogurt drinks. I'll probably come back to it one day in the future.
If you can drink milk products and can find this, please TRY IT. I still don't know how to feel about it. It's an experience.


OK, from a Japanese person's perspective, as Rue mentioned above, I felt that this drink's taste is very similar to a candy called "Milky", which is very famous in Japan.
Therefore, I felt like I was drinking the candy in liquid form...
If you've ever had the candy before, you would understand my feeling...

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