[Top Valu] ミニ クリームパン (Mini Cream Pan)

([Top Valu] Mini Kuriimu Pan | Mini Cream Pan)

General Description

Today we have a different kind of cream pan! I don't see mini pan like this quite as often, usually just at grocery stores. There are the usual variations - anko, whipped cream, etc.
I hadn't heard of this "Top Valu" brand before, so I looked it up and it seems like it is one of Aeon's brands. If you spend even a day in Japan, you'll see something belonging to Aeon. They have many different kinds of stores, even shopping malls!
It didn't occur to me that Aeon had food brands like this, but it makes sense. After all, I bought this at one of their supermarkets! It does raise my expectations though.



88 JPY (5 palm-sized pan)


Unlike the "cream" snacks we looked at before, this "cream" is like a custard. I feel like it's a bit lighter than the custard I associate with Boston cream desserts. Then again, Japanese sweets tend to be less sweet than in the West. It's simple but good.
The bun tastes better than it looks. It tastes similar to a soft bread roll. In the pictures, you can see that it isn't completely filled with cream. While I would probably enjoy it if it was (I do have the biggest sweet tooth), the balance is perfect as it is.


The cream is, well, creamy. Again, the bun is like a soft dinner roll. I don't know how they do it, but it's so fresh!


There isn't a strong smell.


It's a nice snack. It's nothing special, but it tastes good. Because there are 5 mini pan, you can save some for later. It's probably for the best, because the taste is simple. Eating them all in one sitting might tire you out. They're pretty filling though.

Would I try again?

Yep, but only every now and then. It's a great value, but very one note.

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