[UHA Mikakutou] さける グミ (Grape and Apple Gummy)

(Sakeru Gumi Kyohou & Ringo | Pull Apart Gummy Kyoho Grape & Apple)

General Description

We're still on a gummy roll! We're back with a gummy from UHA Mikakutou!

I've always seen UHA gummies around but I've never tried any before. As the name suggests, this series from them is unique because you can tear the gummy into smaller strips.

You may have not heard of Qoo, but it's quite common here in Japan and even other neighbouring countries. Qoo is a series of non-carbonated beverages, usually fruit flavoured. It's even an option at most drink fountains. Despite originating in Japan, it's from the Coca-Cola Company.

There's 7 individually wrapped gummies inside both. On the package of each gummy, there are little notes, mostly about how you can eat it. One challenges you to see how many strips you can peel it into (the "record" is 30). Another says you can give it a firm bite by stacking multiple gummies or rolling it up (which is apparently suitable for adults). One even suggests a "wild" eating style and just biting into it as is. They got creative and also say you can use it to tell your fortune (imagine peeling pieces off like flower petals for "loves me" "loves me not").

We got 2 very different flavours with us today. How will they taste? Let's jump in and how find out!



95 JPY Regular | 106 JPY Qoo Collab (7 gummy pack x 1)



I won't lie. The grape one tastes horrible. It's foul. The aftertaste is just gnarly. You know when you smell pure alcohol, like for disinfection and cleaning purposes? This tastes like how that smells. It's kinda grapy, I guess.

Qoo Apple

The apple one tastes fine. I kinda like it actually. It has a strong apple taste. It's not as "juicy" as some other gummies. It's quite sweet.


It's so weird!!! It's like biting into a thin piece of bubble gum or Styrofoam. Like, when I bite into it, I feel like I won't be able chew it like food, but sure enough it slowly breaks down.


The grape one smells like grape flavoured Hubba Bubba Bubble gum. It has the same tangy sour smell. The Qoo apple one smells like a mix of apple and rubber.



I slightly burped and tasted that awful grape flavour again. If you want to prank your friends, give them this. There were times that it wasn't as bad, but when it's bad, it's baaaaaaad.


The apple one is nice, but there's not much in the pack for what it is. I actually like the weird texture, so that's a plus. It's fine but it doesn't really stand out.

Would I try again?

The grape flavour? Hell no. The Qoo collab flavour is a bit expensive. I'd be willing to try another regular flavour to see if it's any good.

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