[Yamazaki] 北海道 チーズ蒸しケーキ (Hokkaido Cheesecake)

(Hokkaidou Chiizu Mushi Keeki | Hokkaido Cheese Steamed Cake)

General Description

When you hear Hokkaido, many things may come to mind, like heavy snow or fields of flowers. For me, it's gotta be Hokkaido dairy! You'll see a lot of products advertise that they are from Hokkaido or use Hokkaido milk, cheese, or butter. And this product is the same, made with Hokkaido cheddar cheese!

By the way, if you haven't had Japanese cheesecake before, you might be quite surprised. In the West, or at least in Canada, cheesecake is more like a pie - a thin crust on the bottom with a thick layer of a cheese mixture on top. However, Japanese cheesecake really is a cake!

The package says you can "rebake" the cake by sticking it in a toaster oven for 2 minutes, which I did this time. Yue also said it tastes good if you freeze it beforehand too. I gotta try that out next time! Now let's jump in!



95 JPY (1 handsized cake)


If you've had Japanese cheesecake before, this is a pretty standard one. Although it is made with cheddar cheese, it's not that sharp. It tastes really similar to the cheese used in Western cheesecake. The cheese cream is mixed right into the dough, so you get a sweet but mild cheese taste.


It's so soft and spongy.


There is a sweet cheesecake smell when you're holding it.


It's simple but really nice. You get the taste of Western cheesecake but it is nowhere near as heavy. It's very light and not too sweet. If you want a light cheese snack or dessert, this is perfect.

Would I try again?

It's not at the top of my "try again" list, but it's definitely there.

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