[Yamazaki] 苺チョコドーナツ (Strawberry Donut)

(Ichigo Choko Doonatsu | Strawberry Chocolate Donuts)

General Description

Donuts hold a very special place in my heart. I'm surprised I haven't looked at one already! Today we have another strawberry product from Yamazaki. I think this product may have came out only recently. It's cool how new bread snacks are constantly being designed and produced!

This donut is fairly straight forward, so there isn't much to say. Let's jump right in!



105 JPY (2 donuts)


The red bits are very tart and sour. The donut itself is pretty standard. The strawberry icing is decently sweet. The strawberry flavour is pretty light. All in all, I think the sour and sweet flavours mix really well. It keeps the donut from being one note. The icing-to-donut balance is also really good.


The donut isn't hard, but it isn't super soft either. I thought the red bits on top would be hard and crunchy, especially since the package describes it as "strawberry crunch," but they're completely soft.


There's a strong sweet strawberry smell.


I really liked this! It satisfies my sweet tooth without being too heavy. And it's filling for a snack! I think the tarty bits really elevate this treat. It's refreshing. While not the most complex donut, it's great for its price.

Would I try again?

Yep! I'll be keeping my eye out for it!

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