[Yamazaki] 苺ホイップメロンパン (Strawberry Melon Pan)

(Ichigo Hoippu Meron Pan | Strawberry Whip Melon Pan)

General Description

Yes, we're back again with another Yamazaki product. I swear we'll take a break from them and look at some different brands. But they have so many appealing breads and treats, it's so hard!

Well, today we have a seasonal take on a classic pan - it's a strawberry whipped cream melon pan! The first picture of it outside of the package looks a bit lacking, but don't judge a book by its cover! I've had chocolate chips on melon pan many times before, however I think whipped cream is less common.

I really like melon pan, so I'm excited for this treat! Let's jump in!



106 JPY


The strawberry cream is sooo good. It's sweet and creamy, like strawberry ice cream. It also has a nice tartiness to it though. The outer layer of the pan taste like a good, standard melon pan. It has a slight melon taste that isn't too sweet. The chips probably add some flavour, but they don't stand out to me. The inside of the pan is...pretty meh. However the cream covers it.


The inside of the pan is a bit dry, but still fine. The top of the pan has that nice crunch. The chips add a little crunch too. The whipped cream is super soft and fluffy. It's a bit thick


There's no strong smell.


This is really good. I was expecting it to be very sweet, but it had a good balance. I also thought the cream would be a bit lacking, but it is also balanced out. The melon taste goes well with the sweet but tart strawberry cream. It's also filling without being too heavy.

Would I try again?

Yep! It's great!

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