[Bourbon] チョコ あ~ん ぱん (Mini Chocolate Buns)

(Choko A~n Pan | Chocolate A~h Bread)

General Description

Open wide! We have another snack from Bourbon! The "A~n" in the name is a little fun pun. The sound resembles the "a~h" sound of opening your mouth to take a bite of something, but also sounds like anpan. However, this treat doesn't contain any anko as far as I know.

I picked this snack up because it stood out to me. It's a kind of bun snack, but the box says that it lasts for months. I'm curious as to what kind of treat it will be!

Interestingly enough, the box highlights its calcium and vitamin D content. We're on a roll with nutritional snacks, huh?

Well, time to see what this treat is like. Let's jump in!



99 JPY (44g pack x1)


The bread doesn't really have a strong taste. It kinda tastes like bread crust, but that's it. The chocolate filling is nice. It reminds me a lot of Nutella, which is odd because this doesn't have nuts in it. It's fairly sweet and chocolaty, but the balance between the bun and the filling is good.


I was expecting the roll to be either crunchy or soft, but it's somewhere in-between. It's dry, like the crust of old bread. The chocolate isn't hard, but like a solid yet soft paste.


There isn't a strong smell.


At first, I was put off by the texture of the bread. But after I had one or two, I found them pretty enjoyable. They are a bit sweet, so if you don't really like sweet food or chocolate, it might be a bit much for you. Because of the bread, it's decently filling. Although there's not much in a pack, I think I can be satisfied with a just a few bites. However, I think you should probably eat it quickly. I feel like it'll get dry pretty fast.

Would I try again?

Yeah, every now and then.

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