[Bourbon] フェットチーネグミ フルーツ豆花 (Fruit Douhua Gummy)

(Fettochiine Gumi Furuutsu Toufa| "Fettuccine" Gummi)

General Description

Fettuccine Gummi! It's definitely a unique name. As its name implies, this gummy's marketing point is its flat, rectangular "fettuccine" shape and "al dente" bite. This flavour is special. I usually see only cola and grape flavour, but there are also peach, soda, and lemon. You know, I've bought Fettuccine Gummi quite often before, but I never notice it's from Bourbon. I associate them mostly with cookies.

Douhua is actually a Chinese snack made with soft tofu that can be sweet or savoury. The package says that the gummy uses mango, banana, and strawberry fruit juice and soy milk powder to create a fruit douhua taste. It mixes the "fresh" taste of fruits and "rich" taste of soy milk.

I've never had douhua before, but I was attracted to the picture on the package. Without further ado, let's jump in!



96 JPY (1 50g pack)


This one is sooo interesting. There are so many flavours and they all hit you differently. I think the banana hits first with a hint of strawberry. Then you get a wave of sweet mango while the sour powder starts to settle in, making it taste like citrus.

But at the end you get what I'm guessing is the douhua flavour and...it's odd. It tastes like oatmeal. Like chewing on oats. That's not an exaggeration. You are left with an oaty taste in your mouth. However, the oaty flavour only happens sometimes.

It terms of sourness, it's strong enough that it might make you scrunch your face a bit, but it's not super sour. Overall, it's tasty. I like it a lot more when I don't get the aftertaste.


It's pretty soft for a gummy. Because it's thin, it's not super chewy either and breaks apart easily. It's pretty easy to eat.


There isn't a strong smell.


This one is hard to rate. I'd give it 4 full stars if not for that odd oat flavour! The fruit mix is really nice. They all stand out yet go well together. I also think its sourness is just right.

When Yue tried it, he said he couldn't taste the oat aftertaste, so I encourage you to try for yourself. If you have eaten it, I'm curious if you tasted it or not!

Would I try again?

Sure. I like it overall and I want to get to the bottom of the mystery flavour!

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