[Fujipan] スナックサンド 生チョコ&ホイップ (Chocolate & Whipped Cream Sandwich)

(Sunakku Sando Nama Choko & Hoippu | Snack Sandwich Raw Chocolate & Whipped Cream)

General Description

"Now wait a minute Rue!" you might say, "Are you revisiting the Lunch Pack sandwich already?" Well first, this is a different flavour, so it's still new. But also this is not Yamazaki's Lunch Pack! It's Fujiya's Snacksand! Their packages look pretty similar, eh?

It's my impression that Lunch Pack is more common. However, Snacksand actually came first, way back in 1975! For those curious, the original flavours were red bean, marmalade, and (pizza) mix.

This time, we're looking at their raw chocolate and whipped cream. You'll see raw chocolate ( 生チョコレート / nama chokoreeto) flavour here and there in Japan. To be honest, I didn't know what raw chocolate referred to, but apparently it's unroasted cocoa beans without any additives.



106 JPY (2 filled sandwiches)


The bread is regular white bread, nothing special. It doesn't add anything, but it doesn't take away from the filling either - when you finally get to it.

As you can see, there are 2 layers. The whipped cream is really nice. It's quite sweet. I like it a lot! The chocolate is also sweet, but less sweet than the whipped cream. It being raw chocolate, you might expect it to taste bitter like dark chocolate, but it's not bitter at all. There's more whipped cream than chocolate, so the taste is pretty balanced between the sweet whipped cream and the flavourful chocolate.


Both the bread and the whipped cream are bit light and fluffy. The chocolate is a slightly thick, like a paste.


There's a white bread smell. It smells a bit sweet.


Altogether it's nice. The edges are just bread, and there is a lot of edge space. However, when you get to filling, it's plenty. I thought the filling would be lacking, so I was pleasantly surprised! I'm not a fan of white bread though. I prefer buns and pastries, but this is still not bad. It's a nice snack - light but filling, sweet but not too chocolatey. It doesn't stick out, but it's a "safe" choice.

When I was talking to Yue about this one, he said that he pushes the bread down softly to distribute the filling evenly. I'll have to try that next time!

Would I try again?

Sure. I think I'd try another flavour first, but this is a good back up option.

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