[Yamazaki] ランチパック ピーナッツ (Peanut Cream Sandwich)

([Yamazaki] Ranchi Pakku Piinattsu | Peanut Lunch Pack)

General Description

Sweet sandwiches are quite common and there are a lot of different variations. Here is one style - 2 crust-less slices of bread pressed together at the edges to seal the sandwich. As you can see in the pictures above, what looks like bread slices are actually sandwiches! You can buy tools at 100 yen shops to make similar sandwiches at home.
This one is from Yamazaki. I liked their anko whipped cream pan, so I'm looking forward to this one! It's a bit hard to see, but there's a little peanut design on top the sandwich!



128 JPY (2 filled sandwiches)


Oh my goodness! This one caught me off guard, which is my fault. The package says that it's (whipped) "peanut cream" not peanut butter. And you can taste it! The taste reminds me of peanut punch (a great milk-sugar-peanut butter drink, if you haven't tried it before). It has a strong peanut taste, but is also creamy and sweet.
(*Apparently "peanut cream" is actually a different product, but this product's "peanut cream" is referring to "peanut flavoured whipped cream".)

The bread tastes plain, but in a good way. It doesn't taste bad or stale, just completely neutral. It doesn't add to the flavour of the filling, but it doesn't mask it either. I ate the sandwiches one by one. I kinda regret not trying them stacked together.


It's not sticky AT ALL. It's super smooth and light, like whipped cream. The bread is soft.


You can smell the peanut cream when you take it out of the package.


I like it! The whipped peanut cream is such a fascinating taste and texture. It is satisfying to eat, though I don't think it would fill up me if I was really hungry. Despite its name, it's more of a in-between meal snack. However, although I like it, it really is just what it says on the package: "two soft sandwiches filled with smooth peanut cream." It's very simple. Don't expect anything special.

Would I try again?

I'd get it every now and then. Because it can't fill me up completely and I would probably get tired of it if I ate it too often, it wouldn't be my go-to choice. But I am looking forward to eating it again and trying other flavours in the series.

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