[Meiji] ハイレモン (Lemon Gummy)

(Hai Remon Gumi | Hi-Lemon Gummy)

General Description

It's Hi-Lemon! Hm? I just reviewed Hi-Lemon last week? That was the original snack - this is the gummy version!

Just like the original Hi-Lemon, this snack advertises its healthy points. It also contains vitamin C, but the main focus is on how it contains 3500mg of collagen! If you're like me and you don't really know what that is, it's a protein that apparently has various health benefits for you skin, hair, nails, and so on.

The package also mentions a few other details. This gummy is "squishy and delicious" with a "refreshing lemon flavour." The back has a little note about how it's made with yogurt paste. And, of course, as you enjoy the taste, you can get some collagen!

Well, that's enough details. Let's jump in!



74 JPY (51g pack x 1)


It looks like a Jujube so I thought it would taste like one. Honestly, I don't like Jujubes, so I'm happy that it does not. I compared the regular Hi-Lemon candy to lemonade. This one tastes more like straight up lemon, and thankfully not like artificial flavouring. It's still sweet enough that it's definitely a candy, but the lemon taste isn't as mild. The first one I had was sour enough to make me scrunch my face a bit, but the rest are fine. Maybe it's the initial shock?


They're solid and chewy, but not hard to eat. It's similar to a gummy bear. If you can eat that, you can eat this.


There's a short lemon smell when you open the package.


I liked this one more than I was expecting to. It's refreshing and actually feels like a candy when I eat it. It's not super unique, but it's a nice snack. It's also pretty cheap. If you like lemon flavour goodies, you should try this out.

Would I try again?

Yeah, I added it to my rotation of gummies to buy. Plus Yue likes really this one and bought a lot.

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