[Nobel] カメカメ Sours (Sour Gummy)

(Nisou Kame Kame Sours Gummy | 2 Layer Turtle Sour Gummies)

General Description

We're back with another gummy! Today we're looking at Nobel's Kame Kame Sours, which are quite different than the Meiji Fruit Juice Gummies we looked at last time. The name is a fun little play on words - "亀" ("turtle") and " 噛め" ("chew") are both pronounced as kame. The bite is key to this gummy!

The package brings a lot of attention to the layers and hardness/softness of the gummy. It tells you that you'll be surprised when you eat it, and you definitely will be! I love giving these to people and seeing their reaction. As for flavours, there aren't many options. I think there's usually only (purple) grape, muscat, pear, and cola. Today I'm trying the muscat and pear. This is my first time eating the pear flavour, so I'm excited!

They're really cute too! Look at these little guys!



96 JPY (1 45g pack)


For the gummies, the particular pack flavour isn't too strong. You can definitely taste it and you should choose a flavour you like, but I don't think it's the main focus of the gummy, unlike Meiji gummies which have a strong, accurate fruit flavour. These gummies' fruit flavour is also accurate in that you can tell what it is. However it feels more artificial.
The other main flavour is the sourness. If you see the words "sour candy", you might expect something like a Warheads - something that is more of a challenge than a snack. However, that's not the case here. The sour powder on top is enough to make you go "Oh! It's sour!" but it's not strong nor is it long lasting. It's still very much a sweet candy.


Now this is the selling point of the gummy. As an enjoyer of interesting and odd textures, it's great. The gimmick is that the "shell" is hard but the "turtle" is soft. The whole gummy has a casing, so that also adds another layer of texture and chewiness. It also makes the "head" and "limbs" a bit harder than the rest of the "body" since they're smaller. And boy is the body squishy. It's like biting into something, getting through its casing or shell, and reaching that meaty, juicy goodness.
I should mention that while the shell is harder than the body, it is by no means hard to eat or chew through.


There's a short lasting sweet smell when you open the bag. The pear one smelly oddly alcoholic to me.


If you can't tell, I really like this snack. I don't think it's the best tasting snack or gummy, nor will it fill you up, but it's fun and satisfying to eat. It's a little treat to enjoy throughout the day,

Would I try again?

Yep! While I don't buy these gummies every time I go to the store, I buy them pretty regularly. I recommend trying it yourself!

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