[Yamazaki x Fujiya] カントリーマアム パン ("Cookie" Pan Sandwich)

(Kantorii Maamu Pan Milky Hoippu | Country Ma'am Pan with Milky Whipped Cream)

General Description

Today is exciting because we are looking at a new product! It seems like this sweet treat went on sale just this month. It's also our first collaboration product! We've looked at quite a few foods from Yamazaki, but just who is Fujiya?

Chances are you've seen a Fujiya product, or at least their mascot Peko-chan, before! They are a major sweets company in Japan. They have different lines of chocolates, cookies, and cakes, as well as their own shop!

Today's pan is made by Yamazaki using the condensed milk from Fujiya's famous Milky candies for the whipped cream and imitating the taste and look of Fujiya's popular Country Ma'am cookies.

I'm a fan of all of these things, so I'm really excited to try it! Usually when I review pans like this, I buy one and share it with Yue, but this time I got us one each. I want to eat it all!



123 JPY (1 pan)


The outer layer does taste like a cookie, but it's subtle and less sweet. The rest of the pan is more plain. However, there are chocolate chips that are very sweet.
The whipped cream is pretty sweet, but less than the chocolate chips. The Milky...milk does give it a unique flavour, but it doesn't taste like a Milky per se (I think the Butter Drink resembled Milky more to be honest).
Altogether, it's really nice. It has a good balance.


The outer layer is a bit thick but still very bread-like. It's not like a Country Ma'am cookie at all. The pan itself is like your regular pastry bread. The whipped cream is light and fluffy.


There's a short lasting Country Ma'am cookie smell as soon as you open the package.


I'm a bit disappointed it wasn't more cookie-like in both taste and texture. However, I still think it's pretty good. I think the fact that it's sort of cookie and Milky flavour helps it stand out. It's a unique treat. It's also very filling. I will warn you, even I felt like "oof, that's enough sweets for now" after eating it. It's very sugary.

Would I try again?

Not for a while. One is enough for now. Maybe in a few months, I'll buy it again if I see it. I think I'll just buy one and split it with Yue next time.

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