[Yamazaki] 具たっぷり 旨辛カレー肉まん (Curry Meat Steamed Bun)

(Gu Tappuri Uma Kara Karee Nikuman | Hearty Spicy 'n Tasty Curry Meat Steamed Bun)

General Description

Today we're looking at the last of the 3 Yamazaki chuukaman (Chinese steamed buns). This one has a curry filling! Specifically, it's using curry spices and "旨辛" or "delicious spicy" garlic from Curry House Coco Ichibanya. Coco is a very popular Japanese style curry restaurant chain.

Japanese style curry is a bit different than Indian style curry. If I had to describe it, while the curry base is the same, it doesn't use the usual spices that Indian curry does. It tends to be sweeter. Even when it is spicy, I feel like it's spicy in a different way. The ingredients you put in it are often different too.

In my other reviews, I went over how to prepare the buns, but I'll go over it again in case you missed it. Remove the paper from beneath the bun, very briefly run the bun under water, and shake off the excess water. Then put it on a plate and loosely wrap the top of the plate. Pop in into the microwave for the appropriate time (30 seconds in a 600w microwave, 40 in a 500w), and then enjoy!



250 JPY (2 steamed buns)


This time the bun is a different colour than usual though it doesn't change the taste much. There's a very faint curry taste, but it's pretty much your standard steamed bun. While the chuukaman uses Coco's spicy garlic, the filling isn't spicy. There's a split second when you first bite it that you think it's gonna be spicy, but it's actually mild. It's savoury and hearty with a little sweetness to it.


The bun is soft and fluffy, as expected. I might be misremembering, but I feel like this one has a more bread-like consistency. There are bits of meat in it. They're soft but not tender like the 3 cheese nikuman. They're big enough that you have to chew them. I don't think there's any veggies in the filling. Like the red bean bun, the filling is thick rather than liquidy as the package image suggests. It's like a paste. It actually has a grainy texture which felt weird.
Just like 3 cheese nikuman, there's so little filling!!! Look at it! I want more!


It has a bit of a Japanese curry smell.


It's enjoyable, but nothing amazing. The taste is fine but the texture of the filling is off putting though. Like the other 2 flavours, eating 2 buns should fill you up. However I think there are better curry food options.

Would I try again?

It's not bad, but I wouldn't. There's nothing special about it and there are other savoury things I like more. I wouldn't stop you from getting it, but don't let it deter you from trying other curry snacks and foods.

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