[Yamazaki] ランチパック たっぷり! ソース焼きそば(Yakisoba Sandwich)

(Ranchi Pakku Tappuri! Soosu Yakisoba | Lunch Pack Filled up! Sauce Yakisoba)

General Description

Whelp, here we go again. I tried yakisoba pan last year and wasn't a fan. But I like Yamazaki's products especially their Lunch Pack series, although I usually get their sweet options. However when I saw this, I knew I had to try it. This product advertises that it comes with mayonnaise and twice the amount of yakisoba (of their regular yakisoba Lunch Pack I suppose).

But now that I'm looking at the package more closely, something else is catching my eye. There are no preparation instructions! I'm supposed to eat this cold???

Ohhhh boy. Well here goes nothing. Let's dive in!



149 JPY (2 filled sandwiches)


Well, trying it cold first. The bread is good, as to be expected. It tastes like fresh white bread. The noodles are...actually pretty tasty?? The mayo definitely stands out but the tastes matches the yakisoba sauce. All in all, you get a slightly sweet and creamy, barbecue yakisoba flavour. The sauce is quite prominent, so it's nice that the bread balances it out.

I heated it up in the microwave for a few seconds. Of course it made the bread a bit softer and moist, but yakisoba is not something I want to eat cold. And you know what? I think it tastes better warm.


The bread is light and fluffy. The noodles are soft and kinda slimy. It's not bad but it can catch you off guard.


You can smell the sauce as soon as you open the package. It's more ketchupy than regular yakisoba sauce.


I'm so confused. Honestly, I fully went into this expecting to not like it. But it's actually pretty tasty and filling. The sauce tasted good. However, I think the texture can be off-putting for many people. While I think the bread is a good balance for the sauce, I still don't see a reason to pick this over just regular yakisoba, except for that it's easy to eat. If you are interested in trying yakisoba pan, I think this is a good option.

Would I try again?

I...don't think so. I wouldn't say no to it, but there are other savoury products I prefer.

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