[Yamazaki] メープル メロンパン (Maple Melon Pan)

(Meepuru Meron Pan Meepuru & Maagarin | Maple Melon Pan with Maple & Margarine)

General Description

Now this is a treat that makes my Canadian heart sing! The leaves are starting to change colours and the temperature is ever so slightly cooling down - autumn is here! I was super excited when I found this at the store because I don't often see maple snacks or desserts. Even this pan is relatively new, first going on sale this August.

Neither the package nor Yamazaki's website have much to say about the product. It's a "soft melon pan" that has the "taste of autumn" with maple "sauce" and margarine. Checking the ingredients, it seems the maple taste is made with "maple jelly" and "maple-flavoured syrup," so no actual maple syrup.

Will it taste like maple? Let's jump in and see how it is!



118 JPY (pan x1)


The pan has a light melon taste. It does get a bit lost when you eat it with a filling but it adds some sweetness. I never had maple(flavoured) syrup with margarine but it goes together well, though the margarine taste is a bit strong. It adds a bitter flavour to the overall sweet flavour of the pan. I think it tastes pretty maple-y, even more so than imitation-maple corn syrup. Unfortunately, the filling is a bit lop-sided, so one side has way more maple syrup than the other.


The outside isn't as crispy as other melon pan I've had, but it still has a tiiiiiny bit. The bread is a bit dry but fine. The margarine is almost completely melted and soft. The maple syrup is thick and a bit more solid. It's a little sticky to the touch but not in your mouth.


It has a strong sweet maple syrup smell.


I quite like this snack! It's a bit of a change up from the usual flavours and textures. It's unique while still being sweet enough to satisfy that craving.

Maybe I got unlucky and got a pan that was a bit dry. If it wasn't and had a more crispy outside as well as a better balance of the filling, I would rate it higher. It's still enjoyable though!

Would I try again?

Yep! It's not addictive level good, but I'd like to eat it again.

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