[Yamazaki] 白いコロネ (Strawberry Cream Cornet)

(Shiroi Korone Ichigo Hoippu Kuriimu | White Coronet with Strawberry Whipped Cream)

General Description

It's a new year but we're back with Yamazaki! How can I stay away when their treats are so good!

Now that the cold winter is here, it's strawberry season. That means strawberry treats abound! Today's pan is a strawberry cream filled cornet! Most baked cornets I've seen are golden-brown, but this pan is pure white. It doesn't show up well in the picture, but the cream is more pink and appetizing.

There's not much more to say, let's jump right in!



105 JPY (1 pan)


The bun is okay. It's nothing special. The whipped cream is amazing though. It tastes like strawberry ice cream! It's pretty sweet, so if you aren't big on sweets, it might be too much for you. And there is a lot of it. The balance between the cream and the bun is perfect.
The end of the cornet has no cream at all though, so the last bite is just bun.


The bread is light but has some resistance to it. It's satisfying to bite into. The whipped cream is light but not fluffy. It has a lot of volume.


There's a light, sweet strawberry smell when you are eating it.


This pan is simple but nice. This is actually my second time trying this pan. I wanted to recommend it to everyone! The bun doesn't stand out but it's perfect for the whipped cream. It balances out the sweetness of the cream and makes each bite feel filling. The strawberry cream taste is just wonderful too! This treat will satisfy both your hunger and your sweet tooth.

Would I try again?

Yes! I really like this one!

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