[Fujipan] スナックサンド ミルクココア (Chocolate Cream Sandwich)

(Sunakku Sando Miruku Kokoa | Snack Sandwich with Milk Cocoa)

General Description

I know! I know, I know, I know, I've already reviewed Fujipan's Snack Sandwich and Yamazaki's Lunch Pack a few times, how many more times can I keep reviewing it while there are so many other foods and snacks out there waiting to be reviewed. But I have a good reason, I swear!

You see, if there's one thing about me, I LOVE hot chocolate. So when I saw a collab between Fujipan and Morinaga's Milk Cocoa, I just had to try it!

At first I was wondering how they would incorporate the hot chocolate into the sandwich. However, although the picture on the back labels the filling as "milk cocoa cream," I'm not sure if this product really uses Morinaga's Milk Cocoa! The description on the front says that it's a "sandwich with cream made in Morinaga's Milk Cocoa's image." Even the ingredient list says it contain "Milk Cocoa flavour fat spread."

So does it taste like Milk Cocoa or not?? Let's jump in and find out!



105 JPY (cream filled sandwich x2)


The bread just tastes like nice white bread. It doesn't have a strong taste. The cream doesn't really imitate the flavour of the hot chocolate as much as its "feeling." It's light and has a milky chocolate taste, but it doesn't remind me of the taste of the hot chocolate. It mostly tastes like margarine honestly.

Altogether it's...decent. The white bread helps balance out the sweetness. It's light but somehow still a bit too much.


The bread is super fluffy. The cream is very light, thin, and buttery.


There's a very faint white bread and chocolate smell.


If you want to eat a margarine sandwich but with a chocolate taste, this is for you. I'm not sure how many people that fits though. The texture is light, but the margarine taste is heavy. I don't feel super great after eating it, like it's sitting in my tummy. It's alright. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone but I wouldn't persuade others from trying it either.

Would I try again?

Nah. I'm glad I tried it, but there are other flavours I enjoy more.

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