[Yamazaki] ふわふわ ホイップクリーム ドーナツ (Whipped Cream Donuts)

(Fuwafuwa Hoippu Kuriimu Doonatsu | Fluffy Whipped Cream Donuts)

General Description

Do you want a bite of today's treat? Or should I say, do-not you want one?
...Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Donuts! Who doesn't love a good donut? I've been craving one for a while and luckily I stumbled upon this snack! Funnily enough, I believe the other donut product we looked at was also from Yamazaki. I don't know why they don't have their usual logo on the package though. However, the website on the back is indeed for the same company.

An interesting thing about this snack is that it's in the refrigerated section. That's right, we have a cool donut on our hands! I'm assuming it's because of the whipped cream inside. Donuts are not something I usually think of staying cool and fresh in the fridge. But the package assures us that this is a "fluffy, airy donut filled with whipped cream and topped with powdered sugar."

Well, time to see how it is. Let's jump in!



268 JPY (4 donut pack x 1)


The sugar tastes just like the powder on a jelly filled donut. The dough tastes like... fried dough. Which is good! It actually has flavour and adds to the taste instead of just being something to eat the cream with.

Speaking of the cream, it has a nice tartiness to it. It's quite flavourful. It's not airy but instead has a fresh, rich cream taste. All together, it's strong without being heavy or too sweet.


The donut is so soft and fluffy on the inside. Even the outer "crust" is easy to bite into. You can feel the grains of sugar. The filling isn't liquidy but it doesn't hold its shape. It might have a more solid structure if I left it in the fridge longer.


It smells soooo good! It has the strong fried dough smell that donut shops have. It has a sweet smell from the powdered sugar.


Perfection. Amazing. Truly the pinnacle of sweet pan. It's crazy how soft and fluffy it is for a prepackaged refrigerated donut. The whipped cream is a bit different from the usual whipped cream in pan which makes the taste unique. And it has a great balance. It's sweet enough without being too much. I ate 2 in 1 sitting and didn't feel sick at all.

Honestly, I think the donut dough itself tastes better than Tim Horton's. If you see this snack at the store, I definitely recommend you try it!

Would I try again?

Yes! And you should too!!!!

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